Mère Poulard shops in France

For over fifty years La Mère Poulard made delicious biscuits including the traditional butter biscuit "galette" which she distributed to pilgrims' children on the Mont Saint Michel.

Today, the Mère Poulard biscuit company carries on the ancestral tradition of that famous cook and offers a line of biscuits rooted in her centuries-old expertise and experience: butter biscuits, sablé biscuits, palet biscuits as well as vanilla, chocolate, toffee, apple and red berry cookies.

As well as the complete range of La Mère Poulard gourmet products, you can also discover products from the delicatessen range such as rillettes, fish soup, foie gras and pâtés in the shops in Paris, Saint-Malo, Dinan, Rennes and in the biscuit factory shop in Saint-Etienne-en-Coglès.

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